UX DESIGN Interface design is about intent. With good UX design we can offer subtle suggestions to direct your users eye through your site, and steer them in whichever direction you intend.

MOTION Motion is a strong UX element. It captures attention and can effectively take the users attention from one edge of the page to the other.

POSITIONING There is a science behind how the human eye takes in information. By utilizing that science in our designs we can properly feature key information in the places that get the most looks.

CONTRAST Perhaps the simplest way to get a users attention. The eye is constantly drawn to things that are different, or out of place. By using hard contrast between certain colors we can create focal points that draw attention.

SHAPE Some shapes can be more pleasing than others. For example, did you know that the eye is naturally drawn to circles? With subtle cues like these we can augment the user's experience to encourage interest and ultimately conversions.